Getting settled in Latvia and Riga has been more than easy

Study_in_Latvia_Student_Testimonial_Onni_Avonius.pngOnni Avonius from Finland is studying medicine at Rīga Stradiņš University

I have wanted to study medicine ever since I was just a little boy, but there is a huge entrance competition for these studies in my home country. I found information about studies in Latvia from the Finnish medical student organization of Riga RiSLO. At first my thought of studying abroad felt distant, but the more I found out about studying in Riga, the more I wanted to come. Studying in Latvia has been rewarding so far, and the opportunity to get the whole degree in English opens up new possibilities in life. Also getting settled in Latvia and Riga has been more than easy because of many other international students, of which many are from Nordic countries too."


The staff of the university know who I am and help me when needed

Study_in_Latvia_Student_Testimonial_Matthew_Du_Toit.pngMatthew Du Toit from Zimbabwe came to Latvia to get a degree in Geomatics. It is a science of the measurement, analysis, and management of geographic and other spatial data. 

When I googled Geomatics, Riga Technical University was the first on the list. I had not heard of Latvia before, but I was quite keen to get out of my comfort zone and experience a new country. Now I call Riga home and Riga Technical University has been a great experience. I like the fact that the administration and teachers know who I am and readily help when needed. It's really nice being in a place like Riga. There is a really large tradition of dance and music in Latvia that I have enjoyed thoroughly.”