state of emergency


The state of emergency has been declared in Latvia to control coronavirus

State_of_urgency.jpgFollowing the World Health Organization's declaration of a global pandemic, trom 13th of March to 14th of April the state of emergency has been declared in Latvia in order to control the spread of the coronvirus Covid-19. With additional precautionary measures, which came into force on 16th of March the restrictions will affect the work of educational establishments, public assembly, movement outside the state borders and other areas. 


The main restrictions and guidelines affecting international students are as follows: 

  • All in-person and on-site classes, lectures and trainings in all educational establishments are cancelled and should be placed online.
  • All events relating to public holidays, commemorations, entertainment, culture, sports and recreational activities, including in nightclubs and discotheques, are prohibited irrespective of the number of visitors. Meetings, demonstrations, pickets and religious activities involving the assembly are also prohibited.
  • International passenger transport through airports, ports, by bus and rail transport in Latvia will be cancelled as on 17th of March. This prohibition will not apply to the carriage of goods. These restrictions to travel through airport, port, railway and road crossing points shall not apply to nationals of the Republic of Latvia who wish to return to Latvia. Nor do they apply to foreign nationals whose permanent place of residence is in Latvia and who want to return here or to foreign nationals who want to leave Latvia. 
  • Everyone returning to Latvia from abroad must observe self-isolation by staying home for a 14-day quarantine.
  • Social interactions are to be reduced to a minimum and frequent and careful hand-washing is urged in a policy characterised as "social distancing".

If you are a prospective foreign student, please be aware that: 

  • The international offices of higher education institutions, as well as the other government institutions related to the admission process in Latvia are likely to be working remotely. 
  • In the diplomatic missions and consulates of Latvia during the period of emergency, meetings in person for customer service will not take place. Visa applications will be received only at the outsourced service companies, except in cases related to national interests or to humanitarian reasons. No applications for Latvian residence permits will be accepted during this time. The uninterrupted functioning of embassies including the possibility to contact the embassies by telephone, e-mail or mail remain in place. 

If you are a current foreign degree and exchange student: 

  • Please follow the information and guidelines provided by your higher education institution and contact your Erasmus+ International Coordinators if you are in Latvia in Erasmus+ exchange. 
  • Latest news regarding situation development in Latvia are provided by public broadcasting of Latvia:

More information regarding these measures below:

  • Latvia's anti-coronavirus regulations updated in English here
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