Scholarship experience

Experience stories of previous scholarship holders


Helped me focus on my studies

Yehoshua testimonial 1.jpg

Yehoshua Wexler from Israel is studying medicine at Rīga Stradiņš University. 4 years ago he made a carefully considered decision to study in Latvia after a week-long introduction visit to our country. He was convinced by brand new facilities and premises in the university, professional atmosphere and inspiring international community. “I'm happy with my decision to study in Riga. It allows me to fulfill my aspiration of becoming a Medical Doctor in an international environment, and also offers me to enjoy the wonderful city of Rīga and Latvia with all it has to offer. I have received the Latvian state scholarship during academic year 2019/2020 which helps me focus on my studies without the possible economical worries which results in better grades and a better overall learning experience in Latvia. I have also applied for the scholarship for the next year, and the online application is very comfortable."


Being a student when you do not have to worry about money

Aygun Bayramli Student Testimonial Study in Latvia.jpgAygun Bayramli from Azerbaijan is studying Business Economics and Management at Riga Technical University. “I wanted to start my own business in my home country, but I had little experience in this matter and decided not to waste time and get knowledge. The difference of income in our country and in Europe is quite big, so I understood that I needed to have an additional option to cover my expenses by finding job or by support of my family. I learned from a friend about the Latvian state scholarship. It was not difficult to collect all the necessary documents, but competition was intense, as there were many students from my country who applied for a scholarship. Being a student is much more interesting and fun when you don't have to worry about money.” The full story at here


For the first time arrived as an Erasmus+ student

Applying Technology to music.jpgJachin Pousson from the United States of America is currently a doctoral degree student in Systematic Musicology at Jāzeps Vītols Latvian Music Academy (JVLMA). He has received Latvian state scholarship for research during academic year 2019/2020, but this is not his first year in Latvia. He first arrived in Riga as an Erasmus student from Copenhagen. When Jachin completed the Bachelor’s degree, he decided to continue studying towards a Master’s degree in composition at JVLMA which he completed in 2015. Currently he is pursuing a doctoral degree in Systematic Musicology at JVLMA. The full story at here.  


Every day at the university brought me genuine pleasure

Marko Rotko Muzejs.jpgAlex Fedosseyev from Kazakhstan has arrived in Latvia for continuing education in history. He has chosen Daugavpils University master programme of Arts in History and received Latvian state scholarship for study period 2018 – 2020. Alex decided to proceed his continuing education in history and looked for the mixture of the Soviet fundamental and narrowly specialized “western” education. As an exchange student in Lithuania, Alex already had the opportunity to get acquainted with the Baltic states and the state of historical education in it, which also predetermined his choice. The full story at here


Started research activities in Latvia in the 90s

IMG_0077.JPGPavel Štoll from the Czech Republic has used the Latvian state scholarship to continue his research at the Faculty of Humanities of the University of Latvia. His research focuses on Czech-Latvian cultural ties, in particular relating to the Moravian Church, which originated in the Czech lands and started to function in Vidzeme in the 18th century. The Faculty of Humanities of the University of Latvia had a deep interest in the contribution of the Moravian Church to the Latvian culture, and they invited him several times to scientific conferences on this topic. The full story at here