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Entrepreneurship and Management
Last updated on:2020-02-15
Type of study programmeMaster degree
DegreeMaster of Social Sciences in Management
Licence/accreditationStudy programme accredited until 31-Dec-2020
DurationFull-time studies – 2 years (4 terms)
Study typeFull-time
Credit points80 (ECTS: 120)
Study languageEnglish (EN)
Study arrangementsInternational students study in English in special groups formed for international students. International students are offered a Latvian language course (4,5 ECTS) in the framework of the study program.
Fees2940 EUR per year (2020/21)
Study programme descriptionThe Master study programme is designed specifically to address the necessity for a graduate course that deepens student’s theoretical and practical knowledge of entrepreneurial and managerial processes. The programme is based on fundamentals of entrepreneurship activities - competitive product or service production and economically profitable distribution. The studies provide a strong theoretical and practical base and four specialized courses in entrepreneurship management, entrepreneurship economics, project management, and financial risk management.

The acquired knowledge provides the necessary expertise to analyse and evaluate economic processes in local, international and state institutions as well as the private sector. Graduates are able to carry out scientific research and pedagogical work. Students graduating from this programme will be able to pursue entrepreneurial opportunities in the industry of their choice after gaining relevant experience.

Students with this degree are suited for careers in business administration/management/operations, financial management services and marketing at local or international, state and private sector institutions
Study programme linkfsd.rtu.lv/masters-studies/entrepreneurship-and-management-masters/
Requirements• Bachelor of Social Science in Management or Economics or its equivalent
• Proficiency in the English language
• Skype interview

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