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Aviation Transport
Planned:Enrolment in year 2019/20
Last updated on:2019-02-07
Type of study programmeProfessional bachelor studies
DegreeProfessional Bachelor Degree in Aviation Transport and Qualification of Mechanical Engineer in Transport Aircraft Technical Maintenance or Avionics Engineer in Transport Aircraft Technical Maintenance
Licence/accreditationStudy direction accredited until 31-Dec-2021
DurationFull time - 4 years (8 terms)
Study typeFull-time
Credit points161 (ECTS: 241.5)
Study languageEnglish (EN)
Study arrangementsInternational students study in English according to an individual plan in special groups formed for international students. International students are offered a Latvian language course (4,5 ECTS) in the framework of the study program.
Fees2700 EUR (EU) or 2970 EUR (non-EU), or 2835 EUR (CIS) per year (2019/20)
Study programme descriptionThe programme Aviation Transport offers two different qualifications:
• Mechanical Engineer in Transport Aircraft Technical Maintenance
• Avionics Engineer in Transport Aircraft Technical Maintenance
Specialists in Avionics can perform tasks that are connected with aircrafts’ electrical, electro-mechanical and electronic equipment. Specialists in mechanics perform tasks in relation to aircrafts’ mechanical equipment.

The Bachelor study programme provides fundamental theoretical and practical knowledge in the field of aviation through the use of laboratories, test benches and exercise equipment. The acquired knowledge and practical skills conform to the demands of European aviation companies.

Students will attend lectures, work in labs, they will be involved into practical training. Aviation institute has the following specialized laboratories: material and construction testing laboratory, laboratory of aerodynamics and hydraulics, laboratory of transport machines and aggregates, aircraft construction laboratory, laboratory of dynamic and static testing, laboratory of aero-engine construction, laboratory of aero-engine aggregates, aviation system laboratory, airship system exploitation laboratory, transport machine system and aggregate diagnosis laboratory, airship simulators laboratory, laboratory of avionics, laboratory of electrical devices and machines, laboratory of work and life conditions.

Career Options:

Aircraft technical maintenance and operation engineer mechanics or avionics engineers perform technical operations, maintenance and repair in a variety of organisations that use aircraft. Graduates hold leading positions in airlines, aviation companies and air transport establishments all over the world. The high quality education allows graduates to successfully work in the aircraft industry, aviation research organisations and space centres of leading superpowers.
Study programme linkfsd.rtu.lv/studies/bachelors-studies/#tab-id-2
Requirements• Secondary (High) School Graduation Certificate with good results, particularly in mathematics and/or physics
• Entrance examination in Mathematics
• Proficiency in the English language
• Skype interview

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