Architecture - Professional master studies

Planned:Enrolment in year 2019/20
Last updated on:2019-07-02
Type of study programmeProfessional master studies
DegreeProfessional Master in Architecture
Licence/accreditationStudy programme accredited until 03-Dec-2019
Duration2 years (full time)
Study typeFull-time
Credit points80 (ECTS: 120)
Study languageEnglish (EN)
Study arrangementsThe study language of this program is English.
Fees6200 EUR per year (2019/20)
Study programme descriptionProfessional postgraduate programme “Architecture” is designed to provide students with professional postgraduate level education and practical experience of a high quality in architecture and urban planning, as well as deep theoretical knowledge in architecture and urban planning science, which would be beneficial for correspondent scientific field and grow Latvian intellectual potential in accordance with European Union standards and priorities due to ongoing process of globalization.
Study programme
RequirementsFirst Degree Certificate/ Diploma + transcript of records
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Previous name:Riga International School of Economics and Business Administration
Meža iela 3, Riga, LV-1048, Latvia
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