Instrumental Music - Bachelor's undergraduate

Instrumental Music
Last updated on:2021-02-26
Type of study programmeProfessional bachelor degree
DegreeProfessional Bachelor’s Degree in Music, qualification Instrumental Music Performer (in respective specialization, e.g.: pianist, violinist)
Licence/accreditationStudy programme accredited until 30-Jun-2023
Duration4 years (full-time)
Study typeFull-time
Credit points160 (ECTS: 240)
Study languageEnglish (EN)
Study arrangementsInternational students study in English according to an individual plan. International students are offered a Latvian language course (3 ECTS) in the framework of the study program.
Fees3500 - 6000 EUR per year
Study programme descriptionProgramme aims to prepare highly qualified professional instrumental music performers (keyboard, string, wind, percussion, early instrument performance and jazz music performance), providing specialists required by the State and the society, to provide knowledge based on the theory of science of music consistent with the standards of instrumental music performer’s profession and applicable in professional practice, preparing graduates for successful integration into the labour markets of Latvia and abroad, to motivate students to continue professional development and further education in the European education system.

Instrumental Music with sub-programmes:
• Keyboard Performance : specializations piano performance, organ performance, accordion performance
• String Performance: specializations violin performance, viola performance, cello performance, double bass performance, harp performance, kokle performance
• Wind Performance: specializations flute performance, oboe performance, clarinet performance, bassoon performance, saxophone performance, French horn performance, trumpet performance, trombone performance, euphonium performance, tuba performance
• Percussion Performance
• Early instrument performance:
. specialization Keyboard performance: profiles harpsichord performance, organ performance;
. specialization String instrument performance: profiles violin performance, viola performance, cello performance, early double bass performance (violone), lute performance;
. specialization Wind instrument performance: profiles blockflute performance, traverse flute performance, baroque oboe performance, baroque clarinet performance, baroque bassoon performance, natural French horn performance, natural trumpet performance, baroque trombone performance;
• Jazz music: specializations piano performance, accordion performance, violin performance, double bass performance, guitar performance, flute performance, clarinet performance, saxophone performance, trumpet performance, trombone performance, vibraphone performance, percussion set performance.
Study programme
RequirementsGeneral secondary or professional secondary education.
Additional requirements for application to study:
• Instrument performance (academic, early or jazz instrument performance);
• Colloquium in instrument performance;
• Colloquium in music literature and theory (solfeggio, harmony, form).
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