Daugavpils University - Physics - Bachelor's undergraduate

Last updated on:2021-02-25
Type of study programmeBachelor degree
DegreeBachelor’s degree of Natural Sciences in Physics
Licence/accreditationStudy programme accredited until 30-Jun-2023
Duration3 years
Study typeFull-time
Credit points120 (ECTS: 180)
Study languageEnglish (EN)
Fees2400 EUR per year (2021)
Study programme descriptionThe aim of the bachelor’s study programme is to provide DU students to acquire qualitative theoretical findings, research skills. Students learn theoretical physics competences, solid state physics, optics, experimental physics, and other relevant sub-programme courses. The study programme provides opportunity to continue studies at Master’s degree level.

The main objective of the bachelor’s study programme is to teach theoretical knowledge, research skills., to skills in physics and in one of the sub-branches: solid state physics, optical communications in physics or physics didactics. Students acquire orientation skills in modern physics and technological achievements. how to obtain information and carry out independent scientific research, how to prepare analysis and present the results, as well as how to acquire the physical measurement and data processing skills with modern IT softwareThe graduates of the study programme are competitive in Latvian and foreign labour markets.
Study programme linkdu.lv/en/studies-admission/study-programmes/academic-bachelors-study-programmes/physics/
RequirementsSecondary education, English language proficiency
For detailed admission requirements click here:https://du.lv/en/studies-admission/admission/
Higher Education Institution
Vienibas iela 13, Daugavpils LV-5401, Latvia
Phone:+371 65425564  Fax:+371 65422890
E-mail:international@du.lv  www.du.lv/en