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Philology (English Philology)
Last updated on:2021-02-25
Type of study programmeBachelor degree
DegreeBachelor of Arts in Philology (English Philology)
Licence/accreditationStudy programme accredited until 10-Apr-2023
Duration3 years
Study typeFull-time
Credit points120 (ECTS: 180)
Study languageEnglish (EN)
Fees2400 EUR per year (2021)
Study programme descriptionThe aim of the academic Bachelor study programme is to provide students with theoretical knowledge and research skills and abilities in English Philology. The study programme envisages the acquisition of German, Swedish, French, Spanish, Chinese or Polish as a second foreign language or Russian or Latvian as a second language.

The main objectives of the study programme are the following: to provide students with theoretical knowledge in the scientific disciplines of Linguistics and Literary Studies in order to develop their philological competence; to develop intercultural communication skills and abilities; to prepare academically educated specialists of Philology, who would be able to compete in the academic and professional environment in Latvia and / or abroad; to provide the opportunity to acquire a second foreign language. Studies are organised in the form of lectures and seminars. Main study courses offered include Linguistics, Grammar, Communication, Literature, Translation.

The graduates of this programme are usually employed in the spheres where the English language and the second language knowledge of the highest level is required.
Study programme linkdu.lv/en/studies-admission/study-programmes/academic-bachelors-study-programmes/philology-english-philology/
RequirementsSecondary education, English language proficiency
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