ISMA - Business Administration - Doctoral studies

Business Administration
Planned:Admission for 2018/19
Last updated on:2018-05-17
Type of study programmeDoctoral studies
DegreeDoctor of Economics (Dr. oec.)
Licence/accreditationStudy programme accredited until 13-Jun-2019
Duration4 years (full-time), 4 years and 10 months (part-time)
Study typeFull-time/Part-time
Credit points160 (ECTS: 240)
Study languageEnglish (EN)
Study arrangementsDuring studies international students join groups of local students that follow the study program in English; international students may study in English according to an individual plan.
Fees3600 EUR per year (2018/19)
Study programme descriptionDoctor's degree study programme in the field of business administration, which is awarded by the degree of Doctor of Economics (Dr. oec.) provides for further acquisition of theoretical knowledge and research skills preparing the students for independent research activities. The structure and content of the doctor's degree study programme promotes the acquisition of scientific knowledge, extended skills and competencies to be applied in scientific research.

The program covers a wide range of economics and management courses: business administration, economics of firms, finance management, information systems management, marketing, methodology and researcher methods etc.
Study programme
RequirementsMaster’s Degree in Business Administration, Public Management, or Education Management, or professional Master’s Degree in Business Administration, or Master’s Degree in other fields of science if their working experience in the field of entrepreneurship management is not shorter than two years.
Lomonosova iela 1, building 7, Rīga, LV-1019
Phone:+371 67100607; +371 22044048  Fax:+371 67241591

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