Liepaja University - New Media and Audiovisual Art - Master's graduate postgraduate

New Media and Audiovisual Art
Last updated on:2021-03-09
Type of study programmeMaster degree
DegreeAcademic Master Degree of Humanities, in the sub-sector – new media art
Licence/accreditationStudy programme accredited until 30-Jun-2023
Duration2 years
Study typeFull-time
Credit points80 (ECTS: 120)
Study languageEnglish (EN)
Study arrangementsInternational students study in English in special groups formed for international students. Latvian language courses for international students are held two times per week.
Fees3800 EUR per year (2021/22)
Study programme descriptionNew Media and Audiovisual Art is a joint study program with RISEBA University (Riga). 1st study year academic courses will be held in Riga at RISEBA University.

Study programme was launched in September 2010. Students acquire various new media (interactive, multimedia, sound, network etc.) instruments and skills in creating art works. Key of this programme is research - including researching art processes. Emphasis is on art as research - within new media art it means that the artist is not only the creator of art work, but also researcher and practitioner of new instruments, media, technology, social process, scientific discoveries.

Acquisition of the study programme is organized in the form of lectures, seminars, practice in workshops, documentation of process, independent studies, acquiring literature and other information sources, working on art project, discussions, self-appraisal, participating in New Media festivals, independent assignment (individual or group work). Implementation of each course envisages integration of knowledge, skills and abilities, succession of the courses in their relation to writing the students’ research project.

Main study courses offered include Audio Culture, New Media Art Research, Culture Based Economy, Interactive Media, Photographic Media, New Media (Art) in Cultural Environment, Acoustic Arts / Electronic Music, Digital Network Media, Thesis Project. Assessment of students’ knowledge is a continuous process, which lasts during the whole semester and it is done on the basis of independent assignments and tests, as well as passing credit tests and examinations twice a year. During the semester each module envisages several independent assignments – individual and group works, tests and reports. At the end of each module, the module assignments and final project is presented (presentations are open to public) and evaluated (participants include students, lecturers, programme director and Art Research lab employees, audience).
Study programme
RequirementsBachelor degree of Humanitarian sciences or Professional higher education in Humanitarian, Social, Art or Educational sciences
Creative compilation of recent works (video, photo, design or similar)
Application for the topic of Master thesis
English language proficiency: minimum IELTS (6)
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