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Law and Business
Last updated on:2020-08-21
Type of study programmeBachelor degree
DegreeBachelor's degree (LL.B) in Law and Business
Licence/accreditationStudy programme accredited until 31-Dec-2020
Duration3 years
Study typeFull-time
Credit points120 (ECTS: 180)
Study languageEnglish (EN)
Study arrangementsDuring studies international students join groups of local students that follow the study program in English. Latvian language is offered as an elective course (3 ECTS)
FeesFull-time studies - 3500 EUR per academic year (2020/21)
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Study programme descriptionThis programme directs itself towards students wishing to work either in a managerial environment, with a clear understanding of legal issues, or in legal practice with a clear understanding of business transactions.

Legal issues are dealt with in a comparative and international perspective, with the main focus on the legal environment of the EU and its Member States, as well as that of major trading partners, such as the USA, Russia, and China.

Business issues are addressed in all fields relevant for successful commercial operations. This includes major areas such as economics, accounting, management, and marketing.

Elective courses include English, French, and German, with a view to terminology that covers law, business, and international relations, to help students achieve a facility for deeper academic and professional work in these languages. Other electives include courses in law and business, with a special focus on inter-relationship between the fields of study as well as practical application.

To ensure a clear understanding of the relationships between law and business, and to prepare graduates for successful careers in legal practice or business and management. Legal issues are addressed from regional and international perspectives with an emphasis on the legal environment of the European Union and its Member States, as well as major trading partners like the United States, Russia and China. Coursework also includes subjects relevant for commercial operations including economics, finance, business strategy and marketing. of mandatory and elective courses as well as optional language courses. Up to three courses can be taken simultaneously. Each course lasts six weeks with five class hours per week, plus research work on assignments and preparation for classes. Each course concludes with an exam, while the programme concludes with a thesis. "Academic English
Legal English
Legal Theory
Legal Philosophy
Introduction to Civil Law
Constitutional Law
Introduction to Public International
Comparative Contract Law
Research Methods
International Human Rights Law
Comparative Administrative Law
Civil Protection
Environmental Protection;
Internal Market Law
European Union Law
Competition and State Aid Law
European Company Law
Intellectual Property Law
Research Paper in Law and Business
International Private and Procedural
International Commercial Law
Environmental Law
Interdisciplinary Research – Law and
Introduction to Business Studies
Mathematics and Statistics for Social
Business Accounting
Business Strategy
Financial Economics
Financial Accounting
Risk Management
Applied Business Strategy
International Economics" knowledge of the relationships between law and business. Legal issues are addressed from regional and international perspectives with an emphasis on the legal environment of the European Union and its Member States, as well as major trading partners like the United States, Russia and China.
Study programme linkwww.rgsl.edu.lv/en/study/law-and-business
RequirementsThe Law and Business programme is available to individuals with a secondary school degree or a degree considered equivalent to an education necessary to undertake studies at RGSL.

Eligible applicants will be admitted in an order of priority based on points awarded for:
- overall grade average on the final or latest grade transcript (priority to applicants with A and B levels according to ECTS ) – maximum 60 points
- grade in English (priority to applicants with ECTS levels A and B in English) – maximum 30 points
- additional points may be awarded for academic and scientific achievements, active participation in youth organisations, and other relevant activities – maximum 10 points.

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