Autumn admission 2020

Autumn admission 2020 updates in higher education institutions


Autumn Admission Study in Latvia Facebook.pngDespite the global situation with the coronavirus pandemic, the admission process for the Autumn 2020 intake in Latvian higher education institutions has been going on with some adjustments this year.

Variety of choice

Study in Latvia invites to choose studies at one of the 18 Latvian universities and more than 100 study programmes, which have been selected based on a set of quality criteria defined by the Ministry of Education and Science of Latvia. 

You can browse the list of programmes and search for a specific programme in the database or click on the links below to go directly to the desired level of studies:


The deadlines for the Autumn admission may vary from university to university but approximately are from July 1 to August 1, 2020, depending on the citizenship of the student and chosen university.

Although the admission deadlines may be extended by universities due to the delays in the issuance of educational documents in many countries worldwide, it is still important for all candidates to submit their applications on time according to the indicated current deadlines.

In Latvia, the admission to higher education institutions takes place twice a year. If you are not ready to apply for studies this summer, several universities also organize the admission in autumn for the spring semester.

Entrance requirements

There are some general entrance requirements binding to all higher education institutions in Latvia and some institution-specific requirements, for instance, previous marks in academic transcripts, entrance exams or tests, and online interviews. The general requirements are:

  • Completed previous education: secondary or high school diploma and academic transcript for the Bachelor level (undergraduate) study programmes or higher education diploma and academic transcript for the Master level (postgraduate) study programmes or Doctoral studies.  
  • Recognition of diploma: students should be aware that the admission office of the chosen university will send their education documents to Latvian Academic Centre for the academic recognition and authenticity verification.
  • Proof of English proficiency: Applicants need to hold an internationally recognized English proficiency certificate issued in the last five years. The score should be at least, equal or higher than standard B2 which is Upper-Intermediate English.

More about the entry requirements can be found here.

Admission procedure

In order to apply for the studies in Latvia, students can follow simple steps summarized by Study in Latvia that will help to manage the application to the universities of Latvia. These admission steps are explained here.

As Study in Latvia does not administer application process and it is managed by individual universities, it is always advisable to contact the chosen university before the application to get detailed information on the application.  

Start of studies and arrival

The state of emergency in Latvia ended on June 10. However, that does not mean a complete return to the norms of the pre-pandemic period. The information about the current restrictions in Latvia regarding the pandemic can be found here.

The Covid-19 situation has affected both the opening of campuses in Latvia and the student residence permit and visa procedures. It has also been affected by the work of the embassies of Latvia, which are providing services remotely or in person depending on the epidemiological situation in the respective country. 

However, many universities in Latvia, similarly to other countries, are planning to offer new students alternative ways to start their studies if the Covid-19 situation will restrict their arrival in Latvia in September when most of the study programmes begin. Students are advised to contact the Admissions Office of the chosen Latvian university for more detailed info on the available options for starting studies online or postponing the start of the studies.

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